Spectacle "Miškelis / Forest”

FOREST Theater drama about the June 24, 1941 massacre in Rainiai and the life of one family after it.

Director Valentinas Masalskis initiated the idea to use only portable handheld flashlights for the whole act. Right away it was felt that this conventional domestic tool was just right, enhancing feelings of fragility, individuality and importance of each character.

Here a spectacle like fragmented episodes from a human memory telling the grim, cold and cruel stories surrounding Soviet committed killings of Lithuanians at Rainiai. Based on real events, biographies of real people, interrogation cases and researches by historians.

“Creating lighting design for this spectacle was a completely different experience from my previous works. Instead of programming theatre light fixtures I had to closely work with a spectacle director to choreograph actors to light up the stage, each other and oneself. Tasks performed among 40 of the spectacle actors like performing an unseen passes of flashlights for changing scenes and actors, giving lessons of what are the correct ways to use the light source, which both works well for the audience and feels right for the actors themselves.”


Photo by Domas Rimeika

Author of the play: Mindaugas Nastaravičius
Director: Valentinas Masalskis
Composer: Nijolė Sinkevičiūtė
Set designer: Paulė Bocullaitė
Lighting designer: Justas Bø


Light design and experiments Justas Bø