Justas Bø
never-ending light experiments

Mixed-media artist: light art, op-art, design, technology, photography, video, 3D artworks.

Originally educated as an Electric and Electronics Engineer at Newcastle University

Inspired by brutalist architecture and bauhaus movement, exploring a possible delivery of hyperrealist, surrealist and op art environments in new ways and medias. Most recent works are developed around the idea of evoking two contradicting characteristics in a single piece of work or created environment, e.g. strobing sources blending into an organically pulsating environment, writings with interchanging meanings which depend on colour of light source, themes of harmonic chaos, loud silence…

  1. Electric and Electronic Engineer
  2. Event Technical Manager
  3. 3D visuals designer
  4. Light sculptor 
  1. Lighting for spectacles, concerts and art performances 
  2. Custom and unconventional lighting and decor design 

Light design and experiments Justas Bø